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Power tools for development teams

We build software for people building software.

We run Bit Complete, a small software development and consulting firm with a focus on web applications and cloud infrastructure.

While building and iterating on dozens of client projects, we've developed our own best practices and a set of tools that help us:

  • write high-quality, maintainable code,
  • run the business efficiently and effectively, and
  • keep the team happy and productive.

plz is an effort to bring our tools together and share them. Products are currently in preview release and will move to a monthly subscription model once fully launched.


Open Source

  • plz-cli

    Companion CLI tool for managing reviews on

    View on GitHub

  • remix-oauth2-lite

    Simple, reliable OAuth2 client for Remix apps.

    View on GitHub

  • sqltestutil

    Utilities for testing Golang code that runs SQL.

    View on GitHub

  • gcp-runbatch

    Run a docker container in a transient GCE VM instance, invokable as a command line tool, or as a GCP Cloud Function.

    View on GitHub

  • internal-rp

    Configurable reverse proxy for managing access to internal services (dashboards, etc).

    View on GitHub

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